Saturday, 28 March 2009

tom drum

not the most exciting spectator sport

Thursday, 26 March 2009

our loving mother in a pink diamond

so i have been very lazy on the blog front, i looked at the last post and couldn't believe it was from june last year, time has flown, last time i posted we were still writing the album, joel was still playing bass and i didn't have a lifeguard qualification. now, over half a year later most of the album is recorded, bob matthews plays bass in the band and i am a fully trained lifeguard!

we recorded the first half of the album with johnny tams in morden(!) before christmas and now were finishing the second half and mixing the whole album with tom bailey (who used to play guitar in vincent vincent and the villians) in and around dalston! i think were gonna post some studio videos in the next month or so with some live snippets of the album songs, the above image gave name to one of the songs on the album and also the name of this post, it was on some guys flickr and he believes you can see the virgin mary entering a pink diamond which symbolises heaven i guess, but to me, i see a very nice accidental glare from a photo, i'd quite like this to be the cover of the album but we'll see about that! gotta start doing some more drawings as well for that!

im off to watch charlie brooker's screenwipe! speak soon


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Felis catus

hey again, we've been busy rehearsing, writing and writing, my favourite songs at the moment (which i think will be on the second album) are 'then she walks away', 'the way my heart beats' and 'under control'. i dont know when anyone will get to hear them, were keeping it all pretty close to our chests at the moment. anyway, our rehearsals are usually attended by my cats, they hang about outside when its sunny, the top photo is of pumpkin, the laziest cat known to man.
Below is a video of my other cat, called rosie, doing a bit of interpretive dance to joel, tom and steve playing some riff on loop. anyway if you wanna hear new stuff i think some of the supersweet gig is on youtube!


Tuesday, 29 April 2008

maybe you do, maybe you don't

hello, we started a blog! Steve told me to call it 'the boxer's baby' he has a photo of a boxer with his baby, that explains the name. we are currently writing the second record, i'll have some videos of us wasting our time when we should be writing songs on here soon!
Anyway, i started a blog cos someone on myspace called carl told goodshoes to, i'll try and do regular posts, i'm sure joel will have some photos to put up and we're currently taking lots of photos for the second album artwork, we're gonna take photos through the whole recording process and make the artwork out of that. we'll keep you up to date!

love rhysx